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Friendship Party!

This week our Forest Room children celebrated their achievements by having a ‘friendship’ party. They have worked extremely hard with Miss Bradnock to understand friendship and learn how to be a good friend. This week Tayt, Daniel and Chantelle have shared their experiences with us.

“When I came to forest Room I didn’t have lots of friends but now I do. To be a good friend you need to listen, be kind and respect each other. I am a good friend because I share. I am kind. I help people ad I listen. Friendship is important so you won’t be alone and sad. Having friends makes me feel good!” – Tayt

 “In Forest Room I have learnt to be kind and helpful. I have been playing with people. This has helped me to be a good friend. I can take turns now and listen. I have made lots of new friends. This makes me happy. I know how to choose friends. I look for happy people and people that are kind and helpful. It is nice to use good manners. Friendship is important so that you have someone to play with. Then you won’t be sad or lonely.” – Daniel

 “I like being in Forest Room because we could play together. I have learnt about friends. Friends share things and friends try not to argue. They listen together and speak kindly. I have some new friends. This has made me happy. I am a good friend because I make people laugh, I ask people if they want to join in and I don’t leave people out.” - Chantelle