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"My trip to Haigh Hall"

This weeks blog was written by Jamie in year 4.

“My Trip to Haigh Hall.

On Tuesday I went to Haigh Hall. We got off the bus and had a look around, we saw lots of squirrels rattling nuts in the trees! We went for a walk into the woods and we built a shelter in the woods, I worked with Ellie and Liva, I got lots of big planks of wood to build my shelter, it was so much fun but I was colder than an icicle.

When we finished building our shelter we followed the path, it was full of ice and snow and we saw a fire burning in the woods! On our walk we found a train track but there were no trains because there was too much snow. We then saw a big, big lake that had turned into ice I threw my stick on it and it didn’t even break.

We walked down a very long path and we saw a ginormous house, if I lived in there I would probably get lost. After our long walk we went to have our lunch, I had water, a ham sandwich and a biscuit, it was delicious!

When we finished our lunch we went to the park, there was a very big climbing frame which I was scared of because it was so tall! I went on the wooden pirate ship and I was pretending to be a Pirate Zombie Skeleton, I liked the park it was fun.

I had a brilliant day, there was so much snow and ice so I was very very cold but I warmed up when we were walking. Good job I had my gloves to keep my hands warm!”