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Visit from the Firefighters

On Wednesday morning EYFS were visited by Lancashire Fire and Rescue Team. This was very exciting for all children, in particular one little boy – Archie. To find out what happened, please read Archie’s blog below.

“The Firemen came to see us outside school and we sprayed the water hose across the field until we knocked the cone over. Then they showed us the pipes were the water comes out of and we saw the claws that cut people out of gates like Norman Price from Fireman Sam. We tried on the Firefighters helmet and Ms. Corvan dressed up as a Fireman. We saw a camera that helps the Firemen to see in the smoke. Reception and Nursery sat in the back of the Fire Engine. At the end they showed us the sirens; they were very loud and went “Woooooooooooooooo!” It was cool!”