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"We made a rainbow!"

Today Hoglets and Hedgehogs have been Scientists! We have worked hard to explore what happens when you heat up wax crayons, and we have learnt new words such as ‘melt’ and ‘heat.’ Hoglets and Hedgehogs have helped to write this week’s blog and are going to tell you all about what we have learnt this afternoon.

Miss Heaton: “What have we done this afternoon?”

Arabella: “We made a rainbow!”

Miss Heaton: “How did we make a rainbow?”

Braydon: “We did it with a hairdryer, we made it melt.”

Stevie: “We made a mess!”

Archie: “The hair dryer was [had] hot air and it blew the crayons down, it made it drip.”

Miss Heaton: “What made it melt?”

Archie: “Heat, heat melts [things] and gets you warm. Heat comes from the sun because the sun is a hot ball of fire.”

Archie: “We did science.”

Arabella: “We did a science experiment.”

Miss Heaton: “What else can we melt next week?”

Oscar: “Ice cream, sweets and chocolate, jelly, marshmallows, ice lollies and snow!”

Lee Jayden: “It dripped down.”

Lois: “It splattered.”

Calvin: “We had fun!”

Hoglets and Hedgehogs enjoyed taking part in the science experiment, and we are looking forward to doing lots more next week as we continue to explore ‘melting’.