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Welcome Back!

Wow! What an exciting first week back we've had. We've all moved up to our new classes, and we look fantastic in our new uniforms! We've had some new children join us too, everybody has settled in nicely. In addition to our new children, we've had some new members of staff join us. Miss Kenyon is an associate teacher and is working in year 1 & 2 and Mr. Watkins is also an associate teacher who is working in year 5 & 6. Early years have a new apprentice working with them, Miss Berry, and we welcome Mr. Jolley to our school too, he's our Sports apprentice and he will be helping us to keep fit and healthy throughout this year.

Well done to everybody who has managed to get into school on time this week. Our attendance and punctuality was 98% this week. We're aiming for 100% next week!

Have a nice weekend!